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Various Equipment Free Viewing Statistics Blog Posts

After creating the blog, the most rewarding thing is seeing the number of visitors meningkat.Ada various ways to determine the number of visitors who opened the blog kita.Selain number of inbound visitors, we also need to see the visitors come from anywhere, with any keywords (if you go through search engine), which pages are visited and many of the bloggers stats lain.Apa reason to get visitor statistics in their blog? Especially for the sake of SEO.You also must have a reason to sama.Ada many free tools that you can use to view the blog visitor statistics include:A. Google Analyticsgoogle analysticsGoogle Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to help track your blog traffic.2. StatpressstatpressDengan StatPress we will see in real-time statistics [engunjung blog.Ini is a plugin for wordpress blog that can be installed and take a look through the wordpress administration page. Statistics include: number of visitors per day, page views, feedper day, the browser in use of visitors, visitor IP, etc.. This plugin was created by DanieleLippi.3. StatCounterstatcounterDengan this tool we can see: The number of unique visitors, page views, recent visitors dll.Keunggulannya activity we know how many entries / posts that opened in our blog by a visitor, to help us determine whether the navigation that we put on the blog is completely proper placement and the use or not by the visitors.4. statistics blog is a free service developed and maintained by Francesco Vigotti, an internet marketer. This program will allow you (the owner of the website) to track the number of visitors coming to your site, where they came from and which pages they are available kunjungi.Disini Provides statistics logs so that we can make comparisons to assist in the promotion of the blog.Knowing the number of visitors to be an easy way with a variety of equipment or other free tools that you can use:

Site Meter
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