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By accident I was browsing on the internet and find a way to earn extra income through the internet. FREE EVERYTHING you know, you do not need to spend money it takes just a little bit BUSINESS alone. ALREADY PROVEN, IF NOT BELIEVE YOU JUST PROVE YOURSELF. Here are some ways I have described it:A. FREE $ 50 just by READING THE ARTICLE and Perform Rating, BAD!Readbud list!Readbud list!Read the article Paid $ 0.01 - $ 0.10 Even More!Pay was not proven readbud SCAM!And here's a screenshot of proof of payment via paypal Readbud for $ 62.16 (take a look at post Ardi33 on payments he had received from this program):Pemabayaran Paypal"Read and rate interesting article to EARN MONEY". That's the way to its core. So you read the hundreds of article you provided, then VOTE!The value of the article on average $ 0.06, so if you at least read the article and memVote 30 alone (total time to do it about 20 minutes) = $ 1.8 / day.Imagine if the first month, then = $ 1.8 * 30 = $ 60 equivalent to Rp. 600 thousand. Quite right!Join for free can be a bonus, refer friends and vote articles, payout only $ 50 via paypal, register here:===> JOIN and FREE $ 50 with ARTICLE READ & VOTE!How to Sign In Readbud:A. The first list was used in the link above.Confirm your registration by email first. Once registered you can immediately select the category that you want to read the article. You were given 50 options to choose your category. I can not give much input, so you should just choose according to taste you. :) If you want to emulate the things I've done then just select a keyword or category expensive in accordance with High Paying Keywords. For example: Loan, Health and others. : D see image example below: Tips for Choosing a category on the image Readbud2. After you choose you can immediately read this article in accordance with the article you've selected. Just click on article details. You can read continuously with a fee of about $ 0.01 - $ 0.10 per article even more. A little advice, if its value is smaller still do ratting. Because even though you skip or skip the article. Articles that you pass will also be counted as one of the 20 articles that you can do in 1 day. So even though I was little I would suggest to keep doing. :) If you're already working on the 20 articles of the day there will be statements like the following picture: Article Empty readbud image3. After I was looking for was either this or the following picture for the advertisers are still unsure of myself. But it seems indeed to the members sich. Just look at the fee for each article the following: From the above, of course you will know what is the value of each article. Here is the core of the article does not guarantee the pay is high. The highest value was judged by many or few words there.4. After you do the work you are doing then you can view your earnings picture in the left box. I also love this screen shot of the day I tried the program. on that day I was just working on 17 articles only. So no to $ 1 dollar. If up to 50 days means that already pay out. True bro, to pay out a minimum income must be $ 50 via paypal. If you already pay out will I love the news boss. How would sign up. Please visit the site:JOIN and FREE $ 50 with ARTICLE READ & VOTE!Ps: Do not Forget to make PAYPAL for payment. To create a click URL below:EASILY create PAYPAL account!EASILY create PAYPAL account!===> Create a PAYPAL account, EASY & FREE..2. EARN MONEY DOLLAR $ 3 - $ 5 PER DAY WITH JUST CLICK ON ADS NeoBux!JOIN HERE ===> List NeoBux!"Periodically I will give gift to my referrals (people who join my neobux use the link). Prize of $ 1 will my transfer to your Paypal account "WHAT IS NeoBux?

Neobux is a PTC (Paid To Click)
PTC is that you get paid just to click and view ads
You get paid $ 0.01 to $ 0.02 per ad that you see
30 seconds to 60 seconds it takes each adWhy Should NeoBux?Indeed, many programs in addition to PTC NeoBux is scattered on the internet. But with NeoBux a brilliant reputation, then I'm willing and proud to recommend it to you. There are many factors to consider when you will join in sebuat PTC program. You have to learn how a system is, how the rules of the relationship, rights, obligations between the client / you and the provider / operator. And most important is the guarantee of payment.The most frightening thing in a PTC is a scam! Scam is fraud committed by the organizers of the PTC, where they do not want to pay your hard-earned as they promised. In this case prove to the discipline of NeoBux paying member.What should we do with PTC? NeoBux and how will we pay?All you have to do is to click ads provided by NeoBux. When was this? As often as you can do. Ideally you only take 5-10 minutes each day to complete the task of clicking on ads.Let me introduce NeoBux program that has provided me with income $ 3 ~ $ 5 (U.S. Dollar) per day continuously (continuous). I frankly to make money using a system of investing that much because I am an impatient person. But without investasipun, provided you are patient you will be successful. I guarantee!By investing, the first thing I did was hire referrals. Referrals can we analogy as "employees" we. This is because each of our employees (ie click to view ad) we will get part of it. I currently have a total of 345 referrals (rented referrals). Each referral I donate my $ 0005 / ads he clicks (when I was a member STANDARD) because I now have GOLDEN member, then give me a referral clicks $ 0.01 revenue. Great is not it?All referrals that I get in a period of 1 month. This is due to rent referrals it cost range is 1 week, meaning that when we lease new referral will be rent again after waiting a week. STANDARD while still hire referrals is very easy, provided you have the money to hire him, but when GOLDEN rather difficult. This is because when GOLDEN each referral click significant contribution is $ 0.01 the same as our own click.PROOF OF PAYMENT FROM NeoBux!PAYPAL PAYMENT NeoBuxPAYPAL PAYMENT NeoBuxNeoBux Proof of PaymentNeoBux Proof of PaymentIt MUST be done every day:a. Click ads (from start to join up to now) no one has a hole-hole - I mean click on the ads continue without interruption. It's a commitment I want to join neobux since.(This is important because if you already have a referral, that referral is to make money for you, then the conditions you have to click the ads. This means that you yourself also have to work not just rely on job referrals alone .....)b. Maintain Referral- Recycle referrals are lazy click (cost $ 0.07)- Renewal referrals are going out of contract.- Each week I will add the number of referrals.- Auto Pay me setting ON (Enable).HOW TO REGISTER FOR BEGINNERS NeoBux:CLICK here ===> List NeoBux!Then you go to the website Neobux. Continue following methods:Username: fill in the username of your choice. Make sure that you can remember.Password: fill in the password of your choiceConfirmation Password: enter password againEmail: enter your email addressAlertpay / Paypal Email: enter your paypal email.If you do not have a paypal account, click Create a PAYPAL account, EASY & FREEBirth Year: Please enter your birth year.Image Verification: Fill in accordance with the image on the rightAfter that check (tick) "I declare to have read ....Finally click "Continue"After this process you will receive a confirmation email. You must open the email.After that you can log into the system Neobux.Username: fill in the username of your choicePassword: fill in the passwordSec.Password: aja emptyVerification Code: content according to the picture on the right.Click "Submit"After that you can LOGIN and click the "View Advertisements". There will be 4 pieces of advertising that you can click one by one. Remember not start a four-four of them at a click.Now click on each ad will appear in red dots mark. The sign is to be clicked. The red circle is a system to avoid the robot software that can automatically mengclick. Once it opens an ad. Then wait until the signs of progress bar will change color to yellow. If you have completed all the yellow bar means has finished second 30 times. After that there will be a writing that states you get $ 0.01.Well after collected enough, we just transfer funds from Paypal to our bank account in Indonesia (BCA, Mandiri, etc.). After payout, of course, our account in Neobux be widened $ 0.00. And we start again from scratch.Ayooo. . . JOIN & GET HERE SOON YOUR INCOME ===> List NeoBux!..3. MONEY and PROMOTE your site by increasing number of visitors that actually view your site. Easyhits4u IS THE BEST ==> GET $ 1 IN THE FIRST 5 MINUTES

Money can and Promote your site with banner ads and unlimited textThe system is designed to help you promote your site by increasing number of visitors that actually view your site. How it works: For every site you visit (we call this "surfing"), you will receive one visitor back to your site. The system is just like NeoBux, is only here for those of you who have websites will get additional free traffic, so that YOUR WEBSITE COULD BE FAMOUS & MONEY $!!Join for free can be a bonus, refer friends and click on the ads, payout only $ 10 via paypal, register here:===> LIST on easyhits4u and FREE $ 1 to the $ $ & Promote Your Website!Provide a fair ratio of 01:01. There is no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive per day -, 10 100, or even 1000! EASYHITS4Umembalas you with cash and additional traffic to be active in our traffic exchange.But that's not all! See people to use our promotional material and you'll get 10% of the traffic they generate. And not only from direct referrals - you'll also receive hits from members they refer. Our referral system grows up to 6 levels. Our Program Guide Features 01:01 Traffic Exchange Surfing 20 seconds or more per visit Guaranteed unique hits 24 hours a day 5 levels referral program (10% -5% -3% -2% -1%) Receive cash for active surfing ($ 0.30 for 1000 sites viewed) Geo Targeting your ad you can promote up to 15 sites Surfing and referral contests 50 free credits & 500 text ad impressions on sign-up (after you surf 50 sites) Promote your site with banner and text ads infinite Site Link listing in our directory.

..4. JUST BROWSING WITH MONEY ONLY. GET THE FIRST DOLLAR IN 5 MINUTES.Browsing paid by interADmediaBrowsing paid by interADmediaYou probably have a lot to visit your site or blog promising you that you will get thousands of dollars from the internet, but in fact, until now you never can what what?? Then you ask is not sich internet could generate dollars?? If it is true then why should I really can not ever dollar???? The answer is only one. Your lack of focus or you do not even focus. Because too many programs that you would follow you can not focus on programs that you follow it so the results are also not satisfactory. Therefore, if you still want to try to focus dollars from the Internet to one program only once. Your field for a month and then you evaluate how it went.Is there a program that you can run, this program is very easy to run, not even interfere with your work, do not need promotion or looking for referrals, do not need to have a website or blog, even while you do your office work you can get the dollar from here. This program has worked with YAHOO so you must pay. If you focus I'm sure you'll work, I guarantee even the first 5 minutes you join this program you can have dollars. GUARANTEED. Your job just focus on this program alone, you will see results. Earn dollars in your first 5 minutes. Okay I will explain how to get a dollar and makes recommendations of this program, which is essential for FREE.You will get paid if you have a PAYPAL account, if you do not have a paypal account you can click the link below to sign up for FREE.EASILY create PAYPAL account!EASILY create PAYPAL account!==> Create a PAYPAL account, EASY & FREECLICK LINK ABOVE to make strides made in the PAYPAL account (free):LIST AFTER PAYPAL, THE PROGRAM IS TO START:A. First of all LIST WITH THIS PROGRAM CLICK the link belowDOLLAR CAN REGISTERThe math:You get paid only $ 0.01/menit BROWSING online only, so if one day you can be $ 0.6.The day you can go online 10 hours then you can $ 6. If a month means you can be $ 180.Not bad :-)2. Once the page appears interADmedia then, you click the top right that says "join and startbrowsing"3. Then fill out the registration form (fill in correctly)4. See your email for activation of your account in interADmedia.5. Then click on the email you, to open the activation of your account.6. You do not delete the emails in that of interADmedia due to login again.7. After clicking on the e-mail that had been in and out to open a new window interad media page, then you enter your email address and your password.8. Once inside the member page and you can browse today.9. Click the "Get Paid To Browsing" or "start" then click the "star browsing"10. You'd click on the page to start browsing regulation emerged. You click on the tick / check the one below it on the page earlier. that says "I Agree ....." then click below to "star browsing"11. So browsing page will appear automatically. Browsing the yard there was a time counter on the right above. By default it will run from 0 to 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the page will automatically be closed and back in our member area. Then you could do a way that had to start browsing again. After 5 minutes and then be closed again, and then you start again, and so on.Browsing as much as possible until you get a dollar for dollar could pull. Pull the dollar in the "Withdraw Funds" and sent to the paypal address you have you fill in the beginning of last registration. If you do not enter your paypal address so you can set the "ships member detail" trunt detas click "edit account". Regards to your success.NOTE SUPER TRICKSIf you do not want it closed the browsing page after a 5 minute timer runs your mouse pointer to point to your browsing window (that you know where writing a web address if you want to surf) continues to click after that enter well after it would not matter where you stay closed Again, even you close any home computer to connect to the internet you keep your dollars tetep flow. It can run in the cafe you know...5. MONEY CAN BE FREE FROM KLIKOT $ 25! Ayooo JOIN YA!Please click the link beside ===> LIST KLIKOTYour service users of social networking sites? How many social networking accounts you have? Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and various other services.Now been touched in almost all walks of life. Even with the presence of supported mobile devices that have a social networking facility so that users become more and more rapid growth. What do you usually do it through social networking? Find friends, share stories or any other interest that encourages you to use the service, eg business? Whatever the intended use of such services would be different for each individual. What if while you are using social networking service, it turns out you will be paid for his contributions in the service? Obviously this is very interesting, just by doing activities in social networking Klikot then we will have the opportunity to get a dollar. Then what the hell klikot it?KLIKOT new generation of social networking in cyberspace exsis prepared and ready to compete with other social networking (such as FB, Yuwie, Twitter, Tagged, or Friendster, etc.). Just informationThis program called KLIKOTgabungan between Facebook with Yuwie.Many advantages of KLIKOT, among others, every friend that you invite us through the link URL, which continues to see the profile of our friend, see our photo album, articles we write, we'll get a dollar in return for participating in social networking to promote this new KLIKOT. thus more or less to get more details please go to my KLIKOT.Please join us ... LINK:LIST KLIKOTAfter join OPEN EMAIL DO NOT FORGET, for a confirmation email from KLIKOT...6. WANT TO BE $ 27 IN FREE AND EASY! ONLY THE SURVEY!Netter colleagues, I introduce the easy way to find dollar business over the Internet are: AW Survey ..! This is very easy to run business we are only asked to fill out surveys and then immediately paid dng dollar, and a more severe and we pay 1.25 U.S. dollars per 1 (one) Referral ..!Only by providing comments and fill out a survey on our website directly AW Survey paid in dollars, and if you joint us now immediately get 6 Dollar bonus. Then you immediately told to fill out surveys with English language for 15 minutes then you instantly increase the dollar immediately to a total of 27 Dollar ...! then did the promotion for everyone. If there is 1 (one) person who joins under you then you will pay $ 1.25 ..! was not easy ..? remember now the exchange rate 1 U.S. Dollar is still dilevel nine thousand yen ..!Come join game ... As long free! you do not miss this golden opportunity ..! To join please click on the website:===> JOIN TO EARN $ 27 AN EASY AND FREEHow It Works / fill in the AW Survey Survey:A. Once you are in the Joint AW Surveys, you are immediately asked to fill out surveys on the Website is promoted by AW Survey. Of course with the English language. Usually there are 5 surveys that are required. Each 1 (one) survey contains 2 (two) web site link to our values.2. Click the link first, then the new windows appear at the website you leave it alone until finished and then we see and value of such web site. The material is judged by you are: on the web site page views, attractive or not, perwarnaannya good or not good business to offer or not. Remember you must use the English language, if you trouble trouble just use Google translate language, how it works see point 3 below. Examples of the results of my assessment: "The web site looks quite interesting with the right combination of coloring and a soft look in the eyes. Offered a pretty good business and attract ". You type in google translate and then copy and paste the AW field survey. And so it went all the surveys that you fill out one by one. All the assessments we use only the help of google translate and copy paste the result into the field on AW Survey. Done ...!3. Way of using language interpreter google translate: "type the phrase that we will translate on the field. Then we select the language of origin (Indonesia) then select the language you want to know Translation (English). Then click Tranlate. Furthermore wait a minute, in the right lane next to the column will show the results of Translate. We and our Block Copy to Fill AW Survey click Paste. Not practical ..4. If you have completed all the fields Survey then you get paid instantly $ 27.5. Further Promote Business AW Survey is: "to add a dollar to get in Reedem (transfer to Local Bank) you have to promote your URL or Banner you. To get the URL / banner click Menu below (refer friends and earn 1.25 a friends). You copy the address url / banner that you belong to your Web site / blog. If it does not have a blog you can copy and paste into any advertising medium or in your email.6. Welcome to work together and hunt Dollar Business AW Survey.But do not forget you have to have a Pay pal for your bonus payment, for those who do not have please make first pay-pal account, click the URL below:===> Create a PAYPAL account, EASY & FREEHail Success!7. MAIL-BOX MAKE YOUR DOLLAR PRODUCING. REGISTER AND GET $ 200 GRATISS!!Make your EMAIL MONEY!Make your EMAIL MONEY!Prove Yourself! and .... follow the instructions carefully! Previously I emphasize here, the way I want to say this is very different under the common ways that are often offered DEFINITELY VERY DIFFERENT!Capital to follow is Rp.0, - (we only charge for ngenet out anyway) and even you will be free starting capital of U.S. $ 200. Had to do was, was in front of the computer and connect to the internet, only about 1 hour / day.THE FOLLOWING WAYS YOU SHOULD CAREFULLY FOLLOW:First, you must have a paypal account first. How to create a Paypal account is:==> Create a PAYPAL account, EASY & FREEClick the LINK ABOVE to get started!NEXT ...Imagine we list in one of the private TV channels WEB USA, where this TV revenue from advertisers. To attract the advertisers, TV channels should have a good rating with an audience that is very, very much. Rating is seen from the number of active members who join and spread the site around the world. The bigger they are rating the site was the high value for the advertisers.So in conclusion, we paid for every click your ad!BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT, immediately SIGN!A. LIST and the Directly gratisss $ 200!Click AFFERINTE LISTAfter that, click the Menu Join now! > Please enter your email address to sign-up:2. Enter E-Mail you a complete3. Click 'continue'4. Please check your email inbox for an email titled 'afferinte. com signup URL '.5. Click on the website which has been sent (signup URL address, blue letters long, the upper part!)You are immediately taken to a registration page to fill the data as below:- Username: Type the name of the alias or pseudonym (min 6 digits)- First Name: Type the name- Last Name: Type the last name- Address: Type the address- City: Type in a city- State: Type the name of the province- Zip Code: Type in a zip code- Country: Type the name of the country, such as Indonesia- Referred by: fill in 'putradph' (if it is fully 'putradph' then let it go) We are to be filled so there is mengkaver / your reference.- Select categories of interests to you: Please checked all the categories.- Select a payment method: Choose paypall- Payment account ID: Enter your PayPal account.- Password: Enter min 6 digit number (which is easy to remember)- Confirm Password: Enter the 6 digit figures again on top (password)- Then click the button 'Sign up' automatically so the money of U.S. $ 200 directly into your account.Now go by clicking on the "Affiliate login". Enter your ID and password and 'log'. You will be brought into the 'Members Area'. Then select / click the 'Transactions' and you will see the balance of income you earn.To add to the balance each time, try clicking on the 'Paid to Click'. If the ad is currently available, click on banner advertisements (each one). Easy is not it? One ad is worth U.S. $ 20.Shortly after you click one of the ad banner above, you will connect to other web-site (appears in new window) in which there is a URL address (in blue letters). Find the bottom and then click the address, and you will be connected back to the web on. Check the entire area down to the bottom of the screen to see if there is a code that must be included (this option is not always available). Click the number that matches the existing code, and ... wait!. Note the text in the upper left. Wait until the paper turns to 'Your account has been credited. Thank You! '. You can close this window and return to the 'Members Area' to check your account. Try signing in again by clicking the 'Transaction'. Your balance must grow! A time when the banner was not there, so watch it later, then the banner will appear again, and click. The new banners will usually appear again after 12 hours.In addition you will also get bonus dollars of incoming email. Look in the 'Inbox'. If there are details of some e-mails coming, check the checkbox, then click on the 'subject'. You will be connected to a new window as described above. After the acquisition of the bonus is complete, delete the last email by clicking the 'Delete' button and go back to the 'Transaction'. View your balance!You will also get an additional bonus if giving a reference in this way to others, of the referral address (URL) you. The trick, click the 'Referral Tool' in the 'Members Area', to see your refferal address (just choose according to what the media will be used umtuk promotion, there are already available. Suppose you use email, then you select at the bottom listed in LINK VISIT TO :). Use an address that already contains the referral URL that you referrals to many people. Every single person who signed up as a new member based on your referrals, you will get an additional bonus. Use a mailing list, email, or free classified ads on the internet.At first I was a little 'free' when you want to share any information about this site to you ... (very understandably, the current health situation is a lot of people are suspicious and afraid of being deceived so inclined 'hati-hati/waspada', let alone be in touch with the world Internet are still a few people touch it). I was beyond expectations, in a few days, have so many dollars that have been collected by I click clack here and there. I'm just waiting for the dollar raised up to reach payout. If we have reached the payout money will be sent to PayPal.Extraordinary ... You just do it in the middle of your surfing in cyberspace. There is no harm khan!
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