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Data Communications Network

Data communications, sooner or later will eventually lead to a little market network system. Data communication links of the simplest is a relation from one point to another. In this case involves only one data transmitter data receiver unity. If the relationship is developed and eventually involve other receivers or other pemacar, then formed a data communications network.

Understanding the network here can be interpreted as a system of coordinated and interconnected that consists of several terminals or PCs or mini-and mainframe computers working on their own but can exchange data with each other or utilize all available resources. CPU that is the center referred to as a server or host computer and terminal are also referred to as nodes or vertices. Existing network is also a combination of hardware and software elements in accordance with the requirements needed.


a. Local Area Network

Is a network where the equipment hardware and software are combined to be able to communicate in a limited area. LAN was originally developed dikomputer mini, but it became popular after the PC is widely used 

With the LAN system is then a PC that had been working on their own, may ultimately work together in certain limits, even with a larger computer system. Cooperation that can be done also growing from just a mutual exchange of data to use equipment that is connected to one computer system.
Due to the many brands and types of computers in circulation, there is often an office has more than one brand computer with various types and sizes. Though the office so requires that all its computer systems can work together, so the work can be completed more efficiently and costly equipment that can be used together. This has led to the emergence of the LAN boost.
LAN become so popular because it can generally be used as an office automation paralatan. In the picture looks a LAN network consisting of four PCs are placed in various places. PC that is referred to as a workstation. Each workstation can be used as a stand-allone (stand-alone computer), but can also be used to access storage devices or output, which in this case is referred to as peripherals, which are located far from each other but still within a network.
Managers in-1 Workstation can use expert system software contained on the server to prepare graphs and print them with ploter. Manager 2 is contained in the Workstation-2 can use MS-Word and print them with a regular printer. LAN in this case capable of giving everything to the user, and this would provide substantial cost savings.
LAN network will normally consist of: File server, serves to control the hard drive and plugging into the network. Utility server, in the presence of this equipment allows for each user on the network could use some equipment, such as modems, and other ploter. Printer server, serves to divide the attorney-access into the printer's network so that it can be used for all users. Gateway, is a useful equipment in the network to communicate with other networks.

As the name implies, the LAN can only reach a limited area of ​​the area (local), as for example in one building, a department or a campus (currently limited understanding means no more than 20 km). And because there are short distances, then the data transmission speed becomes very high   

Media used in data transmission is usually a wired LAN untiran similar to those used in telephone wires, or cables are typically used koaksil on television, cable or fiber optics. The use of air as a medium of transmission on the LAN at the moment is not commonly used. In this case, the LAN network usually does not require a modem

b. Wide Area Network.

Is a network consisting of two or more computers in a wide yaang area and connected by communications facilities such as telephone systems or micro-wave transmitter. This form is typically used by large corporations or government departments.


At this time, many companies that have branches spread dipelbagai city or different countries. Each branch is present, then each connected to a network that leads to the central office. At this time, the existing network can handle many things, such as voice communication, data communication or image / video


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