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Understanding Access Point - Wireless Access Point - Access Point Function - Application of Access Point

In the science of computer networks, understanding the Wireless Access Point hardware lets other wireless devices (such as laptops, cell phones) to connect to a wired network using Wi-fi, bluetooth or other standard devices. Wireless access points are generally connected to the router via cable networks (most have been integrated with the router) and can be used to send data between each other wireless devices (such as laptops, printers that have wifi) and wired devices on the network.
Function Access Point Access Point serves as a regulator of the data traffic, allowing many clients can connect to each other through the network. As a Hub / Switch that acts to connect the local network with a wireless network / wireless, Access point can transmit or send data connection / internet via radio waves, measure the signal strength also affect the coverage area will be covered, the greater the signal strength (size in units of dBm or mW) the more far-reaching.
Below is a Wireless Access Point Router Linksys artificial wireless access point router
Application of Wireless Access Point Hotspot is one of the implementation of Wireless Access Point is the most common, in which wireless clients can connect to the internet regardless of the particular network they connect at that time. In big cities or in certain regions hotspots are generally provided in the restaurant, library, station, or other public areas that allow many people to be continuously connected to the Internet network.
Wireless Access Point Wireless Ad Hoc VS Ad Hoc is used for connections between two or more devices without using a Wireless Access Point, the device can communicate directly if it is still within reach. Ad Hoc is generally used for data exchange multiplayr compact or LAN games because of the settings is easy and does not require Access Point. Because it uses a type of peer-to-peer, ad hoc connections like bluetooth and generally not direcomendasikan for permanent installation.
To access the Internet through an ad hoc network, using features such as the Connection Sharing Windows' Internet. Ad Hoc can only work properly with some devices that are located adjacent to each other, the Ad Hoc network is not suitable for large scale.
That explanation of the terms access point, semoa can be beneficial to increase your knowledge in the science of computer networks.
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