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CAR PRICES Toyota All-New Avanza (2012) More expensive than Gen-I Avanza Cars of All Types

Avanza Car Price Newest - Price All-New Avanza (2012) More Expensive than Gen-I. There has been no definite timetable All-New Toyota Avanza (also followed by Daihatsu Xenia) was launched. Internal information from the grapevine Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), is expected this year. Even thought the next two months (November).

Joko Trisnyoto, Marketing Director of TAM, when asked about the estimated launch the second generation Avanza is simply replied, "It depends on the Daihatsu!"So about the price, according to Joko rise. "Because the All-New. Everything was new. Total change! "He explained. But Johnny did not want to estimate the price increase.Currently the cheapest price Avanza Rp136, 1 million. Variants of the most selling well are the type of G-engined 1.3-liter, sold Rp151, 550 million. Means the possibility of All-New Avanza prices for the best selling variant is estimated that nearly Rp160 million. Avanza was first class. While the most expensive is the Avanza 1.5S automatic transmission Rp174, 225 million. Now, if this variant the price goes up, businesses will close Kijang Innova Gasoline, Rp182 million.Joko Trisanyoto just added up the price of a new model, confirmed the previous generation will also rise. "Normally it!" Said Joko who has devoted nearly 40 years in the TAM.India, Thailand & MalaysiaTo this day Toyota and Daihatsu successfully keep a secret lock neat figure the best-selling model and the "most wanted" it. In fact, the Toyota salesman and salesgirl who is usually aggressive offers a new model before its launch, has not "moved" even though they know, the All-New Avanza was launched this year.Was not only in the presence of ground water or the All-New Avanza Avanza 2012 called it the wait. Consumers such as in India, Thailand and Malaysia are also waiting. This can be seen from automotive sites and blogs that discuss the schedule and the estimated attendance figure of All-New Avanza.Various speculations, forecasts and appears likely to draw the figure of the All-New Avanza. It is said, the capacity of engines, both 1.5 liter and 1.3 liter (most in demand in Indonesia) is not expected to change. Mentioned will be added to the VVT-i technology (machines currently Avanza 1.3 and 1.5 liter are already using technology VVT-i).ModelThe theme of the sensation of the emergence of All-New Avanza is the approximate model. Well, because Toyota Avanza also markets in India, the leak is more powerful in this country. Because the picture is widely used by other on-line media.Mentioned, the leaked images obtained when the All-New Avanza in the rendering stage. Looking at the pictures, the watchers just judge, compact 7-passenger MPV is more futuristic modern, dynamic and luxurious. Front headlights are designed with a trapezoidal shape. Grille similar to the Toyota Etios.When comparing the image rendering published by the automotive media of India, the figure shows the All-New Avanza does not vary much with the figure of the twins Daihatsu-Toyota, which was launched towards the end of 2009, the Passo Sette and Boon Luminas.There are only a change in the form of front headlights, grille, front bumper, rear combination lights and shapes quarter window (the rear side glass that can not be opened).Boon Luminas Passo Sette-wide and flat! Another difference is the motion system. Passo Sette and Boon Luminas, the front wheels, while the Avanza, Xenia is currently the rear wheels. Is the Toyota and Daihatsu switch or retain this concept?There is interesting information from Toyota Asia Pacific based in Singapore, said Toyota through its new product - also MPV - will try to grab a market that had been taken by the Nissan Grand Livina (under Innova). What possible by adding line-up Avanza?In addition, in India the All-New Toyota Avanza is expected to fill the void between the Innova with Etios. Moreover, Toyota's ambition to enlarge its share in the country, with the second highest growth in Asia, after China.
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